Why I’ve not quit facebook

So I’ve been asked by many tech savvy friends why I haven’t quit facebook yet and it’s a fair question being that I actually hate facebook with a passion. Honestly, facebook has given me many, many reasons to quit from breach of privacy & trust, crappy user interface, selling my data to strangers, not showing me what I want to see, using political bias to help in influencing major world decisions, collecting stupid amounts of data on me to share with marketers, showing me things I DEFINITELY do not want to see, and basically injecting their intrusive tracking into nearly every part of my online life.

I should also point out that I strongly believe in putting my money where my mouth is so I feel very conflicted by not quitting after all the above.

To that point, it’s a fair question as to why I haven’t quit so allow me to list the reasons why I haven’t yet.

  • I have quite a number of friends & family who I rarely keep up with any other way in at least 10 different countries. I often only find out about their or their children’s antics through facebook.
  • Many of the above are not tech or social media savvy and despite it’s stupid amount of problems, facebook has done a good effort in making itself ubiquitous. Other options are there but not as good for those who don’t keep up.
  • It sadly has become a searchable database of people I need to contact so even if they’ve changed phones six times and switched companies, I can usually contact them through messenger. LinkedIn works on a profession level to some degree for that but the personal is still facebook despite the many valiant attempts by other companies.
  • On a related note, as a freelancer people like to see you have your finger on the pulse. While the pulse may be arrhythmic it’s still a pulse people like to see.
  • Lastly, and purely for personal reasons, there’s times I need to see if people are awake, not least of which includes my wife. Notifications of her activity are my first clue she’s awake in the morning. 🙂

Loosing all the above would not be the end of the world. I mean, I’ve done it before the internet. But at this point in my life the contact with family & friends, not to mention business relations is too important. My morals are heavily conflicted and actually that really troubles me, but losing touch with those I love troubles me more so until there’s a better option that’s widely accepted (which is the key point here) I’m still sticking with it.


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